Changing Career Paths Later in Life

Everyone dreams of loving their job, and for many of us, the definition of job success is a role that doesn’t actually feel like work. Some of us find our calling early in life, while others are unsure if there is any role we feel passionate about. Whichever path you have chosen or found yourself following, it remains the same; it is never too late to change your career.

Whether you’re actively thinking about a new career change or if the thought has even passed your mind for just a moment, we want to help you realise your potential and what options are open to you!

How to Tell if you’re ready for a Career Change

Let’s start by helping you determine if you’re ready for a career change and if now is the right time. After all, many of us have feelings of restlessness and don’t connect the emotion with our current roles. As our working lives are often so up and down, it can be hard to determine if we’ve just had a difficult day or if this career is no longer what we want to do.

So, follow our checklist below, and if you resonate with some of these points, then you know what to do!

  • You’re bored of your job: If you could do your job in your sleep, it might be time for a new challenge. Career progression is all about challenging yourself. If your current job does not afford you that opportunity, look at paths that will stimulate your mind and drive you to succeed.
  • Your earnings are at a standstill: An excellent way to determine if it’s time for a career change is to look at your earnings. If you’re working your hardest and getting little to show for it, this is a sign it’s time to embark on a new path.
  • You’re no longer learning: Are you a whizz at your role and know everything there is to know for your profession? This may seem like a good thing at first, but if you’re not gaining any new skills or experiences, this can make getting a new job down the line more difficult.
  • You feel overworked: During your role, you have been more than capable, and a solid team member others rely on. This can lead to your boss taking you for granted. If you feel overworked and underappreciated, it’s time to look elsewhere!
  • You’re not using your skills: Perhaps you have more valuable skills that you’re not using in your current job; why let these go to waste? Choose a career path that allows you to flex and grow all of your skills.

Am I too old for a career change?

It is never too late to embark on a career change; this archaic way of thinking is often the only thing holding you back. However, you do need to accept that with changing your career path, at any stage of life, you might have to zig to zag!

When changing career paths, you might feel like you’re taking a few steps backwards. This could look like moving from one of the top-level positions in one field to an entry-level position in another industry. However, this is all worth it in the end when you’re in the place you dreamed of being.


3 Career Paths to Consider

So, if you have determined that a career change is the right next step for you, it’s time to think about what you would like to do. You might already have a solid idea of your next career, which is fantastic! But, if not, we can help you with a few career path ideas that don’t require years of training to enter the field.

1. Health and Social Care

Have you always dreamed of caring for others and doing something that makes a difference? A career in health and social care might be the path for you. At Study Academy, we are pleased to offer an introductory Health and Social Care course that covers the fifteen standards of care. This course requires no prior experience or qualifications. It is an excellent first step forward on the path to pursuing a career in this rewarding and challenging environment.

Find out more about our Health and Social Care training course available today.

2. Leadership and Management

Perhaps you envision your next career rooted in leadership and management? Our leadership and management courses are an excellent addition to your CV and a great confidence boost! In our leadership and management courses, you will learn everything you need to lead and manage others effectively. These are skills that you can adapt to a wide range of industries. Knowledge and experience gained in this course can be applied to project, people and operational management. This allows you to get a taste of what it takes to manage and lead before deciding what route to take next.

Explore our Leadership and Management training courses on offer to get you started on a new path.

3. Business Skills

Are you ready to carve out your own path and start your own business? Working for yourself and setting up your own business is a big challenge, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Often what puts people off this career change is not knowing where to start, but we can help you with that. With our business training course, you can learn essential skills around customer service, business writing, equality and diversity, recruitment and prevent duty, among many more. This course is an excellent starting point in your journey toward becoming a successful business owner.

Discover what’s included in our Business Skills training course from Study Academy.


Next Steps for your New Career

We hope you have found the motivation and inspiration to embark on the first step of your career change.

For more information and options, explore the range of sectors in which we can offer valuable training courses and explore our full selection of e-learning courses available. We also offer personal development training that can help you build confidence to be applied to every aspect of your professional life.

If you haven’t found the right course for your requirements here, don’t hesitate to contact our expert and friendly team as we are pleased to offer bespoke training tailored to your needs.