Business Skills Training Courses

Our Business Skills Training Courses are designed to suit any industry and any level of employment from entry through to upper management.

Our suite of business skills courses equips learners with the skills and knowledge to successfully evaluate their business opportunities for development and growth.


Our Business Skills Training Courses

SWOT Analysis Training Course

The tried and tested SWOT analysis is a must for every business but understanding how to use this tool to its fullest potential is the aim of this course. Understanding the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of any business, project, or venture can be a great way to gather a rounded view and make the best decision for you. A SWOT analysis is often the starting point for creating your next commercial success or dealing with any problems.

This course is for all employment levels, from business owners to those starting out. You don’t need any qualifications or prior understanding of a SWOT Analysis. This course will start from the basics and develop your knowledge, making it perfect for those who would like a refresher course.

Team Leader Training Course

Being a successful team leader requires various skills and attributes, which this course will go through in detail. This training course aims to educate all learners on the principles of what ‘being a good team leader’ means. From strong communication skills to organisation and leadership skills, this course can help prepare learners for a successful career in team management and leadership.

This course is for any level of employment looking to improve their leadership and management abilities. Managing people can be one of the most complex and testing parts of working life, but this course aims to ease that and provide learners with the tools and knowledge needed to become successful team leaders.

Customer Service Training Course

Our customer service training course provides learners with the skills to handle even the most challenging customer service experiences. Improving interpersonal skills, empathy and communication skills, and handling and rectifying negative customer service experiences is the aim of this course.

All businesses have customers, whether sales customers or service customers and their experiences will impact your business. It’s therefore essential to ensure that your customer-facing employees are managing the role effectively.

Customer service can be a tricky area of business to get right, but with our essentials training course, your team will understand the impacts of quality communication, interpersonal skills and conflict management to help the business reduce complaints and negative experiences.

Business Writing Training Course

Our Business Writing training course was developed to help employers in all industries. Whether writing tenders, project plans, or proposals, writing for business is a specific skill that can benefit everyone. When starting a new project, proposal or tender, it’s essential to communicate your points effectively and understand your audience, which is where business writing comes in. To advance your business, you will learn to write for various audiences and purposes.

This course is designed for every level of employment. The skills and knowledge learnt in this cause can help social media marketers write posts, commercial directors write tenders, accounts staff write emails and sales staff write proposals.

Equality and Diversity Training Course

Our Equality and Diversity training course has been developed to reflect the growing multicultural society that is expanding each year in the UK. With a more diverse culture comes a more varied knowledge base, and as such, UK businesses need to reflect this and ensure they create a welcoming environment for all.

This course covers many topics, including legislation surrounding discrimination, unfair treatment and victimisation. As well as these, we cover;

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Gender discrimination
  • Racism
  • How to promote equality in the workplace

This course aims to educate employees of all levels in matters surrounding equality to help promote equal opportunities in workplaces.

Recruitment Training Course

When recruiting new employees, you must ask the right questions and extract the right information to ensure you are choosing the best person for the role available. On the flip side, it’s also vital that you communicate the correct message to the prospective employee to ensure they make an informed decision. This course aims to teach all employees and employers working within recruitment and HR to spot talent, knowledge and skills in those they are interviewing and where these are not immediately obvious, the skills needed to discover these.

This course is designed for those starting out in recruitment and those who work in recruitment and would like to refresh their knowledge and abilities.

Prevent Duty Training Course

Prevention duty training is a specialist course that aims to counter extremism and radicalisation. This course aims to educate employers and employees against the harm caused by extreme views and beliefs. Understanding these beliefs and how they form can go a long way towards ensuring that they are not present in the workplace.

This course covers various topics, including what extremism is and who may be vulnerable, how people are drawn to these views, how the messages are spread, the role of the internet and social media in extreme views and what organisations can do to comply with the Prevent duty.

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Completing these Business Skills training courses can help you, your teams and others create a productive and efficient work environment for all.

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