Leadership and Management Training Courses

Leadership and management courses can cover a wide array of topics and are vital to the success of leadership and management professionals. A good leader can make or break a team, which can make or break a business, so looking to enhance your skills and abilities is a must for those who want to succeed.

Studying these vital skills allows you to;

  • Gain a greater understanding of leadership and management styles to help you hone your own
  • Improve your organisation and communication skills to help in all aspects of your life
  • Learn vital management skills that can apply to all areas of managing, including project, people and operations management
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Do I need skills or qualifications to take this course?

No, there are no entry requirements for this course. You simply need to be willing to self reflect and learn about your own styles and those of others.

What topics are covered within your Leadership and Management Courses?

We cover a variety of topics within our leadership and management training courses. We’ll go into a little more detail below…

Our Leadership & Management Training Courses

Online Project Management Courses

One of the most popular courses we offer is our Project Management Course. If you’re looking to effectively manage people, teams, and budgets and examine the latest trends in project management and put them into action, then this course is for you.

The skills learned in this course can be transferred to any aspect of your life, whether time management, organisation, or planning skills. As you hone these skills and build up your experience, you’ll be able to effectively plan and execute goals on small, medium and large projects.

We offer online training and courses to help those throughout the UK. If your company offers in-house training facilities, we can link our software and project management courses with them to ensure your team receives the training in a way that is known to them.


Operations Management Training

Our Operations Management training courses provide learners with the tools and knowledge needed to progress in their careers and become successful in the field.

Providing detailed training on each of the disciplines within operations management, this course offers a thorough and comprehensive understanding of all areas.

Whether you have experience in operations management or not, this course will help develop your understanding of;

  • The fundamental principles of operations management
  • Historical practices and theories of operations management
  • Technical knowledge to become a great operations manager
  • Personal skills and qualities to help you in becoming successful
  • Effective decision-making tools
  • Effective communication skills and much more!

People Management Course

People Management courses will help you develop your skills and abilities to become a successful manager regardless of your industry or management level. This course can help everyone, from natural-born leaders to those who simply need to build their confidence and understanding.

A career in management can be daunting, but management becomes a much more manageable role with the proper preparation, knowledge, and skill set. This course will help you develop your management style and help you understand those around you to better manage them. This course will help you effectively manage the people around you, from team development to performance management.

This course is ideal for those in management, who have management experience, or would like to get into management. The skills and knowledge taught in this course can help in various life situations and apply to many different roles.

Self Awareness Course

It is sometimes said that self-awareness is the key to being a great manager. If you are aware of your management skills, strengths, and weaknesses, you can help develop yourself and those around you.

Self-awareness, put simply, means being aware of your character and feelings. This course offers the skills to self-reflect, build up your emotional intelligence, and apply these skills in a friendly and fair way.

Being self-aware and emotionally intelligent helps you both understand yourself and others. You will be equipped with techniques to motivate yourself and others. The more you become aware of yourself, the more you will be able to perform at your best and use those skills to help others improve.

Decision Making Skills Training Course

Our decision-making skills training course is designed to help you and your team make the best decisions quickly and efficiently. Weighing up the pros and cons and reviewing the decision from different angles and more will help you and your team improve decision-making abilities across the board.

Decision making in management is unavoidable and to be a great manager, you need to be able to make the right decisions quickly whilst considering all possible outcomes. This course will help those in management and those who are not, make measurable decisions in line with company values and goals.

Effective Communication Skills Course

Effective communication is vital in any career, especially in management, so we have created our communications skills course. Building interpersonal skills and rapport with others in the workplace through effective communication is a great way to succeed in your field.

This course will help you improve your communication skills and those of others as well as; be able to identify different styles of communication, enhance understanding of others, understand the roles of body language and tone of voice in effective communication.

Self Management Training Program

Our Self Management training program is built to help all levels of the employment ladder. This course will help learners manage their behaviour, thoughts and emotions in a productive way. Giving learners the ability to know how to be in any given situation is highly effective in becoming successful.

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Completing these training courses can help improve you and your teams’ abilities whilst developing leadership and management skills.

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