Financial Crime Courses

No company can afford not to take the risk of financial crimes seriously – the threat is real and can never be overlooked by employers. Financially motivated crimes can present from both inside and outside of an organisation. This is precisely why we offer a range of fraud and financial crime courses – to help protect organisations and individuals from economically motivated crime.

Our financial crime courses will give you an understanding of the motive behind such crime and raise awareness, helping you detect and prevent these risks before they arise.

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Who Are These Courses For?

Financial crime is a threat to all organisations – big or small. Prevention is better than cure, so we are dedicated to educating stakeholders for organisations small and large across a wide range of industries. Our financial crime compliance training courses will keep your business, partners, and employees safe.

Our financial compliance training courses are designed to educate your employees and raise awareness around these ever-present threats. Not only will your employees gain a core understanding of financially-motivated crime, but they’ll deep dive into more niche branches of such crimes. If needed, we also provide bespoke financial compliance training courses designed to suit your individual organisation’s needs and requirements.

Under the UK Privacy Act 20218, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other data protection regulations worldwide, all employees need to receive GDPR training. It is down to the employer to ensure employees receive this training and record it.

Our Financial Crime Compliance Courses

Corporate Fraud Training

Boost your organisation’s counter-fraud solutions and defence- this course is designed to provide a core understanding of fraud in the workplace.

GDPR Training

Requirements under the UK Privacy Act 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other worldwide regulations state your responsibility as an employer to ensure staff receive this training.

Finance Compliance Training

This course covers all critical aspects of financial compliance. It ensures that your employees are educated and aware of financial risks and threats.

AML Training

Anti Money Laundering (AML) Training gives your employees a solid understanding of money laundering and all the risks associated with this threat.

Anti-Bribery Training

This course is designed for anyone who could be exposed to bribery or corruption- a threat that many workers across various industries face.

Cyber Security Training

Encourage your employees to understand security issues faced when using IT equipment, learn how to identify risks, and deal with these issues correctly.

FCA Conduct Rules Training

The FCA Conduct Rules are basic standards and principles of good personal conduct. These Conduct Rules apply to most staff, no matter the industry/organisation.

SMCR Training

The Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) is a regulation that applies to all banking, financial, and insurance organisations- a mandatory training course since 2019. This training course ensures your employees understand all conduct rules and why they must comply.

Conduct Rules For Senior Managers

Similar to the FCA Conduct Rules, but focusing on senior management, raising awareness of dealing with situations correctly and complying with regulatory requirements.

Display Screen Equipment Training

Our Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Training provides your employees with an awareness of all the health risks surrounding working with display screen equipment. It educates employers and employees on how workplaces should be set up to avoid health risks.

Treating Customers Fairly Training

Designed to explain the importance of treating all customers fairly and equally- this training course ensures your employees provide customers with respect at all times.

Vulnerable Customers Course

Many organisations will deal with vulnerable customers daily- making this training course crucial for ultimate understanding. This course educates and informs, helping staff interact with customers appropriately and considerately.

Bespoke Financial Compliance Training Courses

We can tailor the above courses to suit specific needs and requirements- because we understand that one size does not fit all. Here at Study Academy, we can create financial crime courses from scratch or amend current ones to be more specific to your business.


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