Personal Development Training Courses

Personal development courses delve into the skills and qualities needed to meet your goals and objectives. Personal development and growth can often be a lifelong journey on which you can discover parts of yourself that help in all areas of your life. The workplace is no different, so we offer many personal development training courses.

Personal development almost always plays a pivotal role in learners’ career development. Focusing on the soft skills needed to succeed, such as communication and empathy, are important for success. We developed our Personal Development Course to help learners gain knowledge and qualifications to be the best they can be.

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Do I need any skills or experience to undertake the personal development course?

No. There are no entry requirements for this course. We can help you develop the skills necessary to further your career, no matter your current stage.

What personal development training course do you offer?

We offer many personal development courses, including those that we have found most beneficial to our learners. They help many develop into leadership roles, become great managers, and feel more fulfilled in their profession.

Our Personal Development Courses

Critical Thinking Course

Critical thinking training courses are essential for even the most analytical people. Thinking critically and balanced can help learners advance their personal and professional development.

Critical thinking is not only the ability to reason and understand all sides of a decision or argument. But it also involves subjectively reaching a resolution or conclusion. Our thinking course can help restructure mental patterns and increase idea generation. This helps to improve problem-solving and inspires creativity and balanced analytical thinking.

Personal Finance Course

Delve into actionable methods that you can practice in your daily lives to help manage your financial situations. Some may constitute managing personal finances as a ‘hard skill’ rather than a ‘soft skill’. However, these finances are personal and bring a level of emotional investment that can cloud or skew how we manage them. This part of the course provides helpful information to ensure learners’ finances are in the best possible position.

Managing your finances through training is becoming critical due to the current climate within the UK due to rising tax and energy costs.

Menopause Training Courses

Around 13 million women in the UK are premenopausal or menopausal, which has led to 1 million leaving work altogether. This shows workplaces and employees need to create an inclusive environment for those going through this life change. Because of this, we took it upon ourselves to design a menopause training course. This course delves into how you can help those around you who are experiencing this stage of life.

Learning about menopause and the effects it can cause is imperative to every workplace. Supporting women experiencing this shows a supportive workplace that values all team members. Creating such an environment helps to reduce sickness and absence. It can also improve engagement amongst those who are menopausal as they feel more valued and appreciated.

Understanding Menopause

Interpersonal Skills Training

Interpersonal skills in personal and professional relationships are essential to help further development. Looking at communication strategies and building relationships, this course will help you share ideas, views and information. Our interpersonal skills course objectives include;
  • Identifying personality types
  • Understanding the effects of behaviour
  • Body language
  • Communication skills
  • Emotional Intelligence Training Course

    The emotional intelligence training course helps our learners develop their abilities. We’re here to help you no matter the goals. Whether you need guidance, empathising with others, or developing meaningful relationships.

    Emotional intelligence can foster and encourage greater engagement, trust, and performance. Once a learner has mastered an understanding of emotional intelligence, they can transpose those skills into any area of life.

    Assertiveness and Self Confidence Training

    With your newfound confidence, you’ll be able to provide ideas and feedback. You’ll be able to be assertive without dominating the team. Healthy self-assurance plays an essential part in being heard in both the workplace and the personal life.

    Stress Management Course

    Our stress management training course teaches how to manage work and personal stresses. We look at strategies to prevent rising stress levels and techniques for reducing them. You’ll learn important skills required to help others with their stresses.

    Setting Goals and Objectives Training

    Setting goals and objectives are the backbones of being productive. Learning how to set them in personal and professional environments can help you discover new skills.

    Job Search Skills Training

    Searching for a job can be intimidating and confusing. Still, you can find your dream role with the proper training and understanding. This job search training course aims to give you the skills and training needed to succeed. Including, writing a cover letter, refining your search, and creating an effective CV.

    Job Search Essentials

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    Embarking on these personal skill development courses can help you, your teams and your employees. In these courses, you’ll not only understand yourself better but learn how to apply these skills in the workplace.

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