Health and Safety Training Courses

Our health and safety courses include everything employers and employees need. From reducing accidents to expanding knowledge and expertise and providing recognised qualifications.

Learners can complete our health and safety courses online! Alternatively, we can upload lessons to your software so you can deliver physical classroom training. Giving you the ability to provide dedicated sessions enables staff to understand the material better.

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Our Health & Safety Training Courses

Health and Safety Essentials Training

Our cost-effective health and safety courses cover the essentials of workplace wellbeing training. This makes it a great introductory course for employers and employees.

As well as the essentials, this course delves into managing health and safety and building awareness of issues. Ways of thinking to help reduce workplace manual handling accidents are also introduced.

Health and Safety Group Training

Our group training can improve awareness to ensure fewer workplace accidents occur. It’s estimated that 2.3million people worldwide have accidents in the workplace. This course gives actionable safety advice and helps reduce incidents occurring at work.

Our health and safety training can be completed as an online course or within workplace training software. This particular qualification suits all levels, from entry-level employees to senior management teams.

Fire Safety Training Course

Fire safety training is an essential part of health and safety. This knowledge can avoid serious incidents, but it can also help save lives. All employers are legally required to provide fire safety information to their employees. This makes fire safety courses essential for every employer.

Fire is one of the biggest risk factors in any working environment. Fire can affect every workplace. Whether it’s office fires caused by faulty electric work, factory fires caused by mechanical faults, or salon fires caused by heating equipment. Because of this, fire safety awareness training is a must.

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Why Is Fire Safety Training Critical?

Fire safety training is a legal requirement in the UK. Employers must provide clear safety advice to all staff, including what to do in a fire. Instructions should cover safely evacuating the building. As well as the procedure to make sure everyone is accounted for and no longer in danger.

This course is for all employers looking to follow the UK fire safety laws and employees looking to expand their understanding. It is a shared responsibility in the workplace to ensure that working lives are less affected by the potential of fire. Fire safety training is essential to quickly spot potential risks in their workplace after taking part in this course.

Online COSHH Training Course

Our online COSHH Training is an introductory training course for anyone who may work with harmful substances. COSHH Training courses help learners understand regulations and the risks surrounding hazardous substances. Our COSHH training course will help learners understand the regulations around hazardous substances. Lessons are mandatory statutory training. They lie underneath laws such as the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) and the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemicals Regulations 2015.

In this course, you will learn;

  • The role of COSHH
  • Practical COSHH Risk Assessments
  • Surveys for health
  • Environmental issues
  • Reducing workplace exposure
  • Classification of substances
  • Health hazards of specific agents
  • PPE Training Course

    Our PPE Online training course is a must for employers of staff in the healthcare or cleaning industries. Understanding how to safely put on and take off PPE is imperative to ensuring the protective clothing is working to its best standard. Also, understanding the various types of PPE available will ensure employees have the correct knowledge for the job at hand.

    Our online PPE training course covers;

  • Sterile and non-sterile gloves
  • Aprons, coveralls, gowns and protective clothing
  • Fluid resistant face masks
  • Filtering respirators
  • Protective glasses, goggles, face shields and visors
  • Hearing protection
  • And much more

    This course is designed for:

  • Hospital staff
  • GP staff
  • Care workers (social and residential)
  • Paramedics and emergency service staff
  • Dentists
  • Cleaners
  • Porters
  • Other cleaning-based roles
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    Asbestos Awareness Course

    Our asbestos awareness training can be delivered online or in-house using employers’ programmes. Bear in mind; that safety advice and awareness do not qualify you to handle or work with asbestos.

    Asbestos is a highly hazardous substance that can cause serious health issues for those exposed to it. Any building within the UK constructed before 2000 may have asbestos within the structure. The hazardous fibre was used in the construction and insulation of buildings until it was banned due to the health risks involved.

    Whilst asbestos, if left alone, is not dangerous, the same cannot be said if the substance is disturbed or damaged. Airborne asbestos particles can travel across the air and get breathed in, causing ill health in those exposed to the fibres later. Our Asbestos awareness course delves into all of the elements related to asbestos to help reduce the risks associated.

    This course is designed for employers and employees that may be exposed to asbestos. These include but are not limited to;

    Roofers Insulators / Heating engineers / Plumbers / Painters and decorators / Maintenance workers /
    Plasterers / Joiners / Construction workers / Demolition workers

    Food Safety Course

    Our online food safety course is a must for those who work with food. This includes those in catering, retail, manufacturing, or those responsible for safeguarding anyone who consumes food. Those who work with food have a responsibility to ensure that the food they prepare, serve or sell is safe to eat.

    This food safety training course will help learners to:

  • Prepare and serve food safely
  • Allergen training
  • Food health and safety
  • Labelling training
  • Natasha’s Law
  • Food hygiene
  • Food hazards and contamination

  • Knowing the essentials of food health and safety is a must for anyone who works with food, whether in kitchens and catering or health and social care. Making sure the environment in which food will be prepared and served is clean, safe to use and meets all health and safety standards is vital. This course will look at how to clean equipment, store food, prepare food and keep the areas and equipment clean and free of contamination.

    First Aid Training Course

    Our first aid training course can be taken online or uploaded onto your works training platform. First aid information is essential to providing a safe working environment for all. These lessons are full of physical safety advice and techniques. They are for employers and employees who need first aid or refresher training. Ensuring all team members have a basic understanding of first-aid practices is sensible. Since you can’t guarantee management will be present during an incident, it’s important everyone undergoes this.

    This course will teach you techniques to help those who are;

  • Unresponsive and breathing
  • Unresponsive but not breathing
  • Choking
  • Bleeding
  • In shock
  • Burned
  • Having a seizure or fit
  • And many more.

  • You don’t need to have any previous knowledge of first aid practices to enrol on this course. This course starts with the basics and explains all elements that you will need to ensure a safe working environment.

    Paediatric First Aid Training Course

    As well as our First Aid training course, we provide a Paediatric First Aid training course. Our Paediatric training course is designed to teach learners the vital skills needed to give first aid treatment to children. From 3rd April 2022, the Department for Education now requires all newly qualified employees that work with children to have paediatric first aid training.

    This course is for all employers and employees who work with children, including but not limited to;

  • Nursery staff
  • Private nursery school staff
  • Pre-school staff
  • Childminders
  • Carers for children at home

  • No previous knowledge or experience is required to enrol on this training course. This course is designed to teach the basics to those with no prior knowledge and those looking to refresh their first aid knowledge.

    Mental Health Awareness Training Course

    Our Mental Health awareness training course is available online or can be uploaded to your works training program software. Understanding mental health in the workplace is essential for employers and employees. Understanding ill-mental health, including stress, depression and anxiety, ensures your workforce is healthy.  Effective, high-quality support can reduce sick days taken, making our training a cost-effective way to invest in your employees.

    Understanding mental health issues remove the stigma behind them. Ensuring staff feel valued and supported in their situation. Learning how to reduce stress and anxiety in your workplace can improve the business’ morale and productivity rates.

    Who Can Complete Mental Health Awareness Lessons?

    This course is designed for everyone in leadership and more junior positions. No prior knowledge of mental health is required. This course will teach the basics and help refresh the knowledge others may have. It includes covering mental health conditions and how to create a supportive environment in the workplace.

    Conflict Management Training Course

    Conflict can arise in any situation. Effective management techniques are crucial, whether you exercise them in the workplace or your personal life. Conflict management courses prove essential in every industry, from manufacturing to hospitality. Understanding the various types of conflicts and creating ways to overcome them are the primary aims of this course.

    This training course is designed for all businesses and employers. It is a guarantee; that every workplace will face conflict. Avoiding harmful and unhealthy conflict is not always possible. Employers should invest in developing skills to manage conflict and strive toward a healthy, positive outcome.

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