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Study Academy is everything you’ll need for practical staff training and development. We are an experienced digital training provider covering finance & compliance, personal growth, leadership & management, health & safety, business skills, and health & social care. Our team delivers lessons specially tailored to your business on a personalised platform. We’ll work closely alongside you to advise suitable topics and design online training to help staff on the job.

Why Work With Study Academy?

There are countless benefits to moving your training in-house. Working with an independent training body means an expensive cost since you’ll need to book refresher sessions and trainers for new staff.  Designing and developing a digital learning platform removes that pressure. All learning required from your employees is provided in one place, where you have complete control.

Study Academy dedicates time and effort to understanding your business mission and ensuring that your staff learning reflects your values. You’ll no longer have to suffer stale courses with outdated scenarios. Any first aid support or business management lessons will directly consider the needs of your business.

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Staff Training With Study Academy

Our staff training solutions are second to none. We can support transitions into management, fire safety training, food handling legalities and much more. Running a business is no easy feat, and having one platform to equip all staff members provides some unity. You’ll be able to monitor who has completed which lessons, as well as when annual training needs updating. First aid, for example, is not a one time course. Staff training must be completed constantly and consistently, so an easily accessible digital platform is convenient.

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Regulatory Compliance Training With Study Academy

Regulatory compliance training is arguably the most critical for your organisation. Sessions from Study Academy ensure that employees understand the laws, regulations and policies that govern your business. Compliance lessons can cover data handling, financial law and fraud awareness. We are a digital training provider that aims to introduce the law to your staff, help them understand why the rules are in place and why they’re vital to follow. The consequences of improper training are devastating.

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Onboarding and Induction Training With Study Academy

New members of staff have no concept of what your business values. Perhaps they have experience or qualifications in your sector, but that isn’t enough to effectively represent your business. A personalised digital training platform with Study Academy can help you and train staff in your brand voice and guidelines. With a consistent welcome session, every new employee will understand your organisation from the same level, so your team will present themselves consistently.

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