What is Cyber Crime?

Now we know what cyber is, what about cyber-crime?

Cyber-crime is just crime but by a different name. It’s extortion, fraud, theft, vandalism. Let’s briefly look at each of these.

Extortion – this is fast become the weapon of choice by may cyber criminals. This comes in the form of ransomware which infiltrates (via email link) ones PC/Network and encrypts the data. Once encrypted for at least 24 hours the user will receive a message on their screen, something like

“Your files, records, databased have been encrypted, you have 24 hours to pay a £xxxxx for them to be released. Should you not pay within that time the files will remain encrypted and you will not be able to access them again”.

There will also be a count-down clock on the screen to indicate just how long you have remaining.



Fraud – There are numerous methods in which fraud can take place. Essentially, actions are taken by the attacker to induce the victim in to doing something which they believe to be legitimate, but turns out to be quite the opposite. There will be examples of this throughout.


Theft – like and linked to fraud, various cyber-attacks have the intent of taking either money or data from the victim. These methods will be covered in module 2.

Vandalism – If the attacker has the ability to alter what is seen on a website without the consent of the website owner.


Espionage – A method in which damage can be done to a competitor or other business through cyber means.



Now you know what Cyber means and what type of crimes can be facilitated through cyber, it’s important that you know a little more around every day cyber-crime and what can be done about it.

There’s a short video to watch, pay attention and take notes if needed as some of the areas covered in the video will come up again in later modules and potentially in the final quiz