Unit 5.2: Malware and its types


Malware has been a problem for ages, Malware is short form of malicious software. A Malware is basically a program designed to infect a computer system without owner being informed.
Types of Malware
Malware exists in many forms, below mentioned are some of the common types of malware
1. Trojan Horsantivirus-protectione – Trojan virus or Trojan horse is one of the most common types of malware, Trojan virus is mostly used to control the victims computer rather than infecting or destroying files on victims computer. A Trojan horse once installed into victims computer can give a hacker complete access to your computer. Trojans are one of the most dangerous forms of malware.
2. Computer Viruses – A computer virus a malicious program which is mostly developed to infect a computer, once it infects a computer it replicates or reproduces itself. A virus is just like a parasite and it needs another host to attach to in order to infect a computer
3. Worms – Worms are almost similar to computer viruses the only difference unlike computer viruses they do not require another host to attach to in order to infect a computer. Once a worm infects a computer it replicates itself. Computer worms are major threats to large networks.4. 4.Keyloggers – A Keylogger is a hardware or software device which monitors every keystroke, screen shots, chats etc typed on the computer. A keylogger program does not require physical access to the user’s computer. Any person with a basic knowledge of computer can use keylogger
5. RATS – RAT is the short of “Remote Administration Tool” and is indeed one of the most dangerous types of malware. It’s very similar to a Trojan. Once a RAT is installed in a computer the attacker can do almost anything on the remote computer such as installing a keylogger, shutting down a computer, infecting files etc.
6. Adware – Adware is the short form of Advertisement-supported software. Adware’s are commonly designed to display advertisements on your computers. However some of these adwares may contain harmful viruses and spying programs which can bring your computer system to knees.
So these are the most common types of malware, its useful to have a generic knowledge to enable you to identify possible malware on a clients computer.