Unit 5.1: Key Loggers

Keyloggers – A Keylogger is a hardware or software device which monitors every keystroke, screen shots, chats etc typed on the computer. A keylogger program does not require physical access to the user’s computer. Any person with a basic knowledge of a computer can use a keylogger. A key logger/katcher will Log all text data input into the target PC/Computer, It saves up to 100+ A4 pages of text dependant on memory size. Available as software or Hardware to install onto laptops.

Keyloggers can be classified into two main types:
1. Hardware Keylogger
2. Software Keylogger

Hardware Keyloggers

A hardware keylogger is also used for keystroke logging, a hardware keylogger is plugged between the keyboard plug and the USB or PS/2 port socket, and they work with PS/2 keyboards and also usb keyboards,
A hardware keylogger is just like a normal USB drive or any other computer peripheral so that the victims can never doubt that it is a keylogger, Hardware keylogger has any inbuilt memory which stores the typed keystrokes. Below is an image that shows how a key logger works

Software Keyloggers

The hardware keyloggers are extremely useful only in case if you have physical access to victim’s computer, but what if you don’t have physical access to victim’s computer and sometimes the victim might notice it.
This is where software keyloggers come into play, Software keyloggers can also be classified into two types:
1. Local Keylogger
2. Remote Keylogger

Remote Keyloggers

Remote keyloggers are used for the purpose of monitoring a remote pc, Once a remote keylogger is installed on your computer the attacker can get your keystrokes, your webcam shots, chat logs etc sitting in any part of the world.
You can find tons of Remote keyloggers on web but lots of them are either not capable of properly recording keystrokes or they have a high antivirus detection rate, We have tested over 50 different keyloggers and have found just these two keyloggers worth the price, click on them to view the page:
1. KeyKatcher
2. SpyCobra

Click here for a tutorial on the SpyCobra device

There is a software called AnyKeyLogger and You can get a free 5 day trial HERE also a video tutorial is available HERE on how to use the software