Unit 4.7: Landline Telephone Monitoring

Land Line/House Phone Monitoring

Eyetek Surveillance have a purpose built telephone recorder that is the simplest to use digital telephone recorder I have ever seen. No buttons, no switches no setting up, no external power source along with its small size it is perfect for discrete surveillance use. To use just plug the recorder into any socket or extension and it will monitor all of the phones on the line both cordless and wired types. Record calls in high quality digital audio with no technical knowhow or complicated instructions simply plug in and use. The unit is set to record both sides of the conversation whenever a telephone on the monitored line is in use, with around 240 hours of recording time this will cover almost all telephone recording requirements. The internal rechargeable battery has a standby time of around 4 weeks and a recording time of around 60 hours. To play back the recordings all you need to do is disconnect the recorder from the telephone line and connect to your PC or laptop via the USB lead provided. No software is required as your computer will recognise it as a removable storage device and you will be able to see the individual stored recordings as Wav files these can be played using media player and many other players. The files can be stored onto your PC or other device or even emailed in Wav format. The cost of this device is £189.00. It can be purchased HERE