Unit 4.5: Anonymous SMS messages from any name or number

ffeyetek.co.uk have a private online system that allows you to purchase SMS credits and instantly use them from your secure online account, allowing you to send anonymous SMS messages to anyone on any network with it showing up whatever sender you want, using either a mobile number or a name to show up. This product is aimed to be used to send an SMS to somebody making them believe it has been sent from a complete different person. Some people use it to simply have a joke with their friends, other uses are for someone who does not have a mobile phone, and they need to send an SMS from a number they have provided in order to activate an account etc. The uses are only limited by your own imagination. You can send an anonymous SMS messages to any handset so the message appears to be sent from whatever number/name you specify by inputting a name or a number, and if that name is in the recipients’ phone contact list then it will appear exactly like that person actually sent the message. If the receiving party replies back to the SMS they received, then it will be sent to the real person of that number.

This service gives you a private and secure online account which will show you your credit history can be used to send SMS messages to over 200 countries over 500 networks.

Reports:Each online account displays all relevant information including the time / date of your private messaging transaction allowing you to monitor your credit history and Top-Ups whenever you want. Any name or number display: You can choose to send an SMS to appear as any name or number on the recipients phone, if you enter a name which is in their phones contact list, the message will appear to be sent from them. 10 Anonymous SMS messages cost £10. VAT will be added @ 20% for orders within the EU. This service is not to be used for illegal purposes please check the relevant regulations in your country