Unit 3.5: Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

If using/setting up a covert CCTV camera, you will need a DVR. DVRs are the latest digital recorders that store the data (images) onto a hard drive and weeks and months of data can be recorded. The storage capacity is measured in Gigabytes (Gb) 250 Gb recorder is an average capacity machine. One Gigabyte will give you approximately one hour of recording with one camera. A DVR can burn the footage to a DVD which is useful for evidential purposes. They also have the ability to transfer footage/images onto an SD Card. I would suggest you always set the resolution to the highest because it is likely that the recorders batteries will have to be changed well before the memory is full to capacity, so you will be recovering the data at the same time. CCTV footage can also be streamed/monitored from your smartphone, meaning you have eyes everywhere whilst on the move.

Here are examples of a mini covert DVR and a full size DV$(KGrHqR,!ngFBg15gO,hBRt8qq(ksg~~60_35banner-dvr-units






Camera Deployment Checklist


Before, during and after deploying a covert hidden camera there are a few checks you should conduct. You should check:

  • Batteries are fully charged and connected correctly
  • The SD card is formatted and has enough memory
  • Camera lens is clean and concealed
  • The date and time is set correctly
  • Any other setting such as motion detection are set correctly
  • All connections are firm and also weatherproof (if outside)
  • The unit itself is weatherproof (if outside)