Unit 3.3: Body worn Cameras

Body Worn Cameras

Body worn cameras are a great asset to any surveillance operative, they are certainly a necessity if conducting covert surveillance. Body worn cameras or covert cameras are also available installed in everyday objects such as car key fobs, pens, a tie, backpacks, baseball caps and button pinhole cameras.

There are various lens covers to aid in concealment of the camera and they record direct onto SD/Micro SD cards or onto a small DVR.

When using a covert camera remember to look natural, a lot of new surveillance operatives look and feel awkward when using covert cameras in public, only you know that you have a covert camera so relax. When using a covert camera in a shopping centre be aware of store detectives as they are trained to look for individuals acting suspiciously.

There is a method called the 10 O’clock – 2 O’clock. It is proven that you have a higher chance of being compromised if you stand in a person’s view between 10 and 2 O’clock, try when possible to stay out of this area. A great way of gaining stable footage on a covert camera is to use a shopping basket or trolley to support the covert camera. The trolley can be pointed towards the subject and you can simply appear to be browsing the items on the shelves.

In the image here you can see the arc of vision 10 to 2 Oclock shaded in the darker blue, the lighter shade is the area of vision that you can be in with a lower risk of being observed anything beyond that is the safe zone and its recommended that this is the area you obtain your covert footage from. 10 oclock




Car Key Fob Camera

key fob cameraWith no LEDs or flashing lights and no sounds or giveaways it is nearly impossible to tell with the naked eye that a video is being recorded. The key ring spy camera has got a built in microphone to allow it to record audio. An excellent covert camera that records directly onto a micro SD card

Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium; 280mhA 3.7V battery. Again this camera can be purchased from Spearhead simply email us, we stock these cameras at a cost of £25.00



Below are some sources in which these cameras and many others can be purchased