Unit 3.2: GSM 3G Cameras

GSM 3G Cameras

Again there are many GSM cameras available, these cameras are very effective. GSM 3G Cameras are relatively new spy gadgets to the spy and surveillance industry.

These devices are based around 3G mobile phone camera technology and use the 3G mobile phone network to carry video imagery from the camera to a remotely-sited mobile phone. The video footage is transferred and monitored using the 3G Cellular network. The cameras can be monitored worldwide and transmit over an infinite distance. They have an average battery life of 200 hours and extended battery packs can be purchased for longer life.

The footage can be viewed live via video call on a mobile phone and can be disguised in almost any object. GSM cameras can be purchasedĀ as a standalone camera ready to be installed into an object; alternatively you can purchase a GSM camera that is already installed into an object. Mains operated cameras can also be purchased meaning the camera has an infinity power source.

Essentially, to activate a 3G camera requires a video call to be made to the 3G Camera solution. The 3G camera is configured to auto-answer without sound or any visible sign and then live imagery can be seen of the environment in which it has been placed

Typically GSM 3G cameras can be built into a variety of enclosures. Classic enclosures include PIR’s, Smoke Detectors, Junction Boxes and Air Fresheners. However, the latest unit, a Sony Digital Radio with built-in 3G camera has a slick recording system that enables the remote viewer to start and stop recording of the viewed imagery onto and SD Card based device that is incorporated inside the clock itself. Included in the software of the device is the ability to restrict monitoring to only certain pre-programmed access numbers, thereby making the 3G Camera system totally secure.

It should be noted that due to the capacity of the 3G network, imagery is only in comparatively fairly low quality, but audio quality has generally found to be quite outstanding. If you are looking for the latest in sleek professional remote camera monitoring, the GSM 3G Cameras provide the ideal remote monitoring spy camera system

Below are some images of self contained GSM 3G Cameras

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