Unit 2 Story Example

Tracker Deployment Story

Here is a recent blog from a surveillance operative detailing a job where he deployed a vehicle tracker

Surveillance Investigation: Golf, midlife crisis and affairs

Posted by Uriah Bennett on May 7, 2014

Surveillance has become a lot cheaper and more accurate to do. In the old days you would sit for days waiting for people to do something. What if you could just be present just when you could catch them in the act and know where to be. This would cut down the time wasted on manual surveillance and get on with other jobs, cut down the cost of a job for a client, making my services a lot more affordable. Especially for the types of job that effect the average punter with a limited budget.

That’s when the new tools of the trade come in handy.

I recently got a call from a Mrs Smith (not her real name) she had become suspicious that her husband was having an affair. He hung out with his golfing buddies most weekends, all of whom where middle aged men whom had recently left their wives for a younger model. Not the best influence on him. And now her husband had started taking much more regular work trips during the week and weekends. When he was at home he was distant.

Worried that things had turned for the worse, Mrs Smith commissioned me to do some surveillance on her husband.

The trusty tracker

Mr Smith had a work car he used, it was a simple matter for me to place a magnetic GPS track under the bumper. About a week later I logged onto my tracking account with my iPhone to view the report.
The report painted a picture of the husbands whereabouts over the week, where and when he went and for how long. A certain address kept appearing that was not his home address or office address or hotel.

In the past I would have wasted hours following this guy, risking being spotted, just to collect this raw data.

Now I knew where he was going it was time to check in on Mrs Smith. She had noted where her husband had told her he was going and this did not match with where he had been.

Now for some real detective work

Now there was a certain address that he visited in the evenings and had left first thing in the mornings. The one that had not matched what he had told his wife. So I simply checked the title deeds of the property. It was owned by a lady.

Next it was time for some manual surveillance. I simply turned up just before he was due to leave the property and filmed him exiting the property.

I waited outside the property a few times, capturing him entering and leaving. I was not able to get a shot of the mistress, but this was enough to question his story to his wife.

Wrapping up

I put together my findings and presented my report to Mrs Smith. The information was enough for her to confront her husband, who immediately confessed to the affair.