Unit 2.2: Tracker Deployment Checklist

Vehicle Tracker Deployment Check

There are various checks that should be conducted prior to deploying a vehicle tracker to avoid detection or loss of the device itself:

  • Examine a car of the same make and model so you are familiar with that vehicle
  • Check targets car is roadworthy, if it looks like it is due to be repaired the tracker could be found by a mechanic
  • Do not touch the car as you may activate the alarm and also if the car is dirty you will leave marks on the vehicle
  • Ensure the trackers magnets have good hold, use cable ties if needed
  • Ensure batteries are fully charged before deployment
  • Ensure its switched on an operating correctly immediately prior to deployment
  • Erase any prior or historical data from device
  • Deploy the device in a public place not on a driveway as deployment on a driveway is classed as trespassing
  • Check you can communicate with it immediately after deployment
  • Keep an eye on battery state. If gets to 30% then remove it
  • DO NOT place on or near the exhaust or under wheel arches, the exhaust can melt it and the wheel arch can result in the wheel dislodging the tracker
  • Make a written note of where its placed, someone else may need to remove it
  • Do not insert batteries or turn on at your office or home, if the tracker is found the target can possibly track it back to you