Treatment of bleeding

Treatment of bleeding (General)

  • Ensure that you put on your disposable gloves.
  • Sit or lay the casualty down on a firm, stable base.
  • Examine the wound.
  • Do not attempt to remove any foreign embedded objects
  • Apply direct pressure onto the wound to try and stem the bleeding.
  • Dress the wound with sterile dressing.
  • If the blood seeps through from the first dressing, then apply a second dressing directly over the first one.
  • If the blood seeps through the second dressing, then remove both dressings and start again. This course of action is carried out because there is not a sufficient seal between the dressing and the wound. Once the dressing becomes saturated with blood it becomes ineffective
  • Support the wounded part and be prepared to treat the casualty for shock.
  • Do not allow the casualty to smoke or to consume any food or drink.
  • Call for an ambulance (999/112) and monitor the casualty.

Wounds with embedded foreign objects

Apply dressings and pressure to either side of the embedded object.

Apply a larger dressing if possible over the top.

Ask the casualty to assist if able.

Secure the dressing in place.

Call for an ambulance (999/112) monitor the casualty and if required treat for shock.