The Recovery Position

The recovery position

Kneel to the side of the casualty; remove glasses, watches and any large objects from side pockets

Place the arm nearest to you at a right angle to the casualty’s body (allow it to rest in a natural position)

Bring the other arm across the casualty’s chest and secure the back of the hand onto their nearest cheek with your hand

With your free hand grasp the casualty’s clothing around the knee and draw the leg up ensuring the foot remains on the ground

Keeping the casualty’s hand on their cheek to control the head movement, pull their leg towards you so the casualty turns onto their side.

Adjust the casualty’s upper leg so that the knee and lower leg are at a right angle to the hip making a stable base. Check that the airway is open and adjust the hand under the cheek to maintain the airway.

The casualty is now in the recovery position.

Check breathing regularly, and be prepared to carry out CPR

See the video below from South Central Ambulance Service