Sharing Data

Sharing Data

There are various situations where data may need to be shared or transferred. Different ways of obtaining permission apply depending upon the circumstances.

Sharing data with third parties in order to fulfil a request or contract

Where it is essential to the business arrangement to pass data on to third parties, then the request for the product or service from the data subject is considered to be permission for this type of transfer or sharing arrangement.

For example, if an insurance broker is asked to obtain a quotation for personal insurances, then this is only possible if the data subject’s personal information is given to the insurance company to quote. Where sensitive personal data is involved, this still applies.

Data sharing checklists

These two checklists provide a handy step by step guide through the process of deciding whether to share personal data. The checklist is for systematic data sharing, the other is for one off requests to share personal data.

Data Sharing Checklists HERE

Data Sharing Checklists Welsh HERE

The data sharing code of practice is a statutory code which has been issued after being approved by the Secretary of State and laid before Parliament. The code explains how the Data Protection Act applies to the sharing of personal data.

It provides practical advice to all organisations, whether public, private or third sector, that share personal data and covers systematic data sharing arrangements as well as ad hoc or one off requests to share personal data.

Adopting the good practice recommendations in the code will help organisations to collect and share personal data in a way that complies with the law, is fair, transparent and in line with the rights and expectations of the people whose data is being shared.