An epileptic seizure is caused by a sudden burst of excessive, electrical activity in the brain causing a temporary disruption to signals passing between the brain cells. There are many different forms of epilepsy.

Recognised causes of epilepsy in infants include:

  • From birth illnesses (lack of oxygen, haemorrhages and infection of the brain)
  • Genetic disorders
  • Abnormal brain development in the womb
  • Meningitis
  • Febrile Seizures

To keep the recognition and treatment on a generalised level we have placed these differing forms of epilepsy into two main groups: Partial seizures and generalised seizures

Partial Seizures

A partial seizure is a brief loss of responsiveness for a few seconds/minutes


seizue diagram


 Generalised Seizures

Generalised seizures may cause the infant or child to lose consciousness and suffer muscle spasms

seizure 2 diagram








Watch this video in regards to Seizures and treatment