Responsibilities and First Aid Kits

The responsibilities of the first aider

The responsibilities of the first aider will be dependent on specific workplace requirements. Responsibilities could include:

  • Ensuring first- aid equipment is fit for purpose
  • Arriving at the scene
  • Ensuring the scene is safe
  • Contacting the emergency services
  • Prioritising the treatment of casualties
  • Clearing up after an incident
  • Incident reporting and recording

First- aid equipment

The content will be dependent on the assessment of the first- aid needs that should be conducted. In December 2011 the British Standards institute launched the new work place first aid kits (BS 8599-1)

If mains tap water is not readily available for eye irrigation then there should be at least one litre of sterile water or sterile normal saline (0.9%) in a sealed, disposable container provided.

The eye irrigation container should be safely secured or wall- mounted and located in close proximity to the first aid box. The list below shows exactly what equipment should be available. To purchase a First Aid kit that meets the British Standards Institute guidelines click HERE