Module 4.3 – Programme Assessment

Program or Project/task assessment is the third type of assessment considered in the SRA. It includes consideration of how your program activities influence your vulnerability and how your activities influence the threats toward you. Program activities may decrease the likelihood of a threat, for example if the organisation you represent as a Security Risk Manager is providing greater stability, prosperity or self-sufficiency to a crime-prone community; however, they may also increase threats, for example, when they are perceived to support some beneficiaries preferentially over others or when they introduce controversial changes to local customs or traditions.

Program activities that require staff to travel long distances in insecure areas for monitoring purposes will tend to increase vulnerability through greater exposure of the vehicles and staff to local threats. It is useful to consider the effects of your program activities in the short, medium and long-term as well. For example, programs aimed at promoting long-term stability may have short-term effects that cause immediate increase in tensions.