Module 3.2 – Key Requirements of a High Risk Policy

Key Requirements

Anyone undertaking, or commissioning high risk work, is required, as far as practicably possible, to:

  • Seek information and advice on the area of operations/deployment
  • Complete a written Risk Assessment and apply the necessary safety control measures. This should be completed for the location in general and the location specific. For example general would be “Columbia” and even the town. Specific would be the place of operations/residence i.e. Hotel, Police station, Embassy etc
  • Ensure those involved have the right training and/or experience for the assignment. Check all team members’ background and qualifications.
  • Identify and use appropriate safety equipment, protective equipment, weapons if issued and communication devices.
  • Make adequate contingency plans and arrangements in case of emergency. These should include but are not limited to Casualty extraction, attack on client/team or location, vehicle breakdown, location compromise and failed communications.
  • Obtain the appropriate level of paperwork/visas needed for entry to the hostile environment. Have a full list of emergency and local contacts, inclusive of in country company liaisons, embassy details, medical locations, agents and local authorities.