Minor Burns and Scalds

Minor burns and scalds

Every year there are large numbers of people who suffer from a minor burn or scald injury. A burn or scald injury can be caused by many things such as:

  • Radiation (Sunlight, sunbeds, X-rays)
  • Direct heat (Fire, iron, kettle, cooker, machinery)
  • Electricity, domestic supply appliances (high and low voltage)
  • Extreme cold (freezing temperatures, frozen objects)
  • Chemicals (Domestic, industrial)
  • Inhalation of toxic fumes (from a fire)
  • Scalds (hot liquids, fats, steam)


  • Pain at the site of injury
  • Redness, tenderness and swelling
  • Possible blistering


  • Remove the source of the burn if possible
  • Put on your disposable gloves
  • Remove clothing and then flush the area of the wound with water for a minimum of 10 Minutes
  • Remove restrictive clothing or jewellery as swelling may occur
  • Do not remove anything that is stuck to the burnt skin
  • Seek medical attention immediately

The following video from St Johns Ambulance shows you how to treat burns: