Minimising Infection

Minimising infection

It is important that as a first aider you do not transmit infections to your casualty or indeed contract infections from your casualty. To assist in minimising the risk of infection and cross-contamination there are various precautions that can be taken such as:

  • Having Good personal hygiene
  • Ensuring that barrier devices are used
  • Covering any open cuts or sores
  • Minimising contact with blood or bodily fluids
  • Changing Gloves between causalities
  • Washing hands thoroughly after removing gloves

Barrier Devices

Barrier devices are essential equipment and help to eradicate the spreading of infection and cross-contamination. Barrier devices, as their name suggests, place a barrier between the first aider and the casualty. Barrier devices include:

  • Nitrile powder-free gloves
  • Face shields
  • Pocket masks