Marketing Other Services to Customers

Marketing Other Services to Customers

Sharing data with third parties for marketing purposes.
This type of data sharing is not central to the contract between the data subject and data controller. Consequently, the data subject must give permission for details to bedata-sharing shared.

This is not forbidden where it is reasonable for a customer to expect this. For example, when a mortgage customer receives details of related protection insurance services, there is no need to obtain express permission.

However, there must be an opportunity for the data subject to opt out of further marketing communications. It is usual for businesses to include the fact that they may offer other services in their terms of business or ‘privacy’ policies.

Marketing Other Services to Customers

If you look at marketing communications and newsletters, you should always see a clear method of unsubscribing, whether the publication is sent to you by mail, email or other means such as telephone calls.

Terms of business must give a customer the opportunity to opt out of marketing communications from the business they are dealing with, and provide them with the opportunity to opt out of having their details passed to third parties.

Whenever personal data is collected, express permission must be given for that data to be passed on to any other party