Managing minor and major bleeding

Managing minor and major bleeding

As we all know, little ones always have bumps and falls, as much as we try to keep them safe there most likely will be a point when an infant or child will have some form of an accident resulting in a bleed occurring. Below is a video on how to deal with a minor bleed: (after watching the video please scroll down)



  • If available put on your disposable gloves
  • Either hold, sit or lay the infant or child down on a firm stable base to assist in preventing and treating for shock.
  • Look into the wound for any embedded foreign objects (glass, gravel etc)
  • Apply direct pressure onto the wound to try and stem the bleeding.
  • Dress the wound with a sterile dressing and elevate the injured part if possible.
  • If blood seeps from the first dressing then apply a second dressing directly over the top of the first one.
  • If blood seeps through the second dressing then remove both dressings and start again. This course of action is carried out because there is not a sufficient seal between the dressing an wound. Once the dressing becomes saturated with blood it becomes ineffective.
  • Support and elevate the wounded part and be prepared to treat the infant or child for shock.
  • Do not allow the infant or child to consume any food or drink.
  • Contact the emergency services on 999/112



Due to the small amount of blood in an infant’s or child’s body even a minor bleed can be dangerous and it is always advisable to seek qualified medical advice