Different types of hackers

Who are the different types of hackers?

There are various types of hackers, below are some of the most common and also a video giving you an insight into the various types of hackers that could threaten your business.




Script Kiddies

Someone that has a basic understanding of programming, or developing programming skills, but only to understand the effects of what they are doing. They lack the knowledge to discover and use other tools written by higher level hackers to exploit security holes.

This is the first rung on the hacker’s ladder



These people are driven by political, religious or social ideals. They use hacking to this end and the term Hacktivist brings the terms hacker and activism together.


Organised Criminals

Data, whether personal or corporate all have a value, organised criminal gangs use their skills to steal or compromise corporate data from businesses of all sizes. These methods are also used to steal money. Essentially, it’s any organised criminal activity that can be carried out in the cyber world.


State Sponsored

Hacking activities carried out on behalf of, or in line with the ideals, political motivations, military or economic strategies.


Insider Threat

The threat created by the insiders to a business, these can be current or ex-employees, contractors or associate’s that can access internal systems.

The video below will give you a greater insight into the various types of hackers