Unit 8: Audio Room Monitoring (Bugs)

GSM Bugs

GSM bugs are small GSM listening devices that can be discreetly activated to monitor room or phone conversations. A GSM bug is able to be ‘dialed into’ by remote. That means you can activate GSM bugs by calling them up using a dial up phone. GSM listening devices, therefore, are operable anywhere you have access to a phone.
GSM bugs can work as a GSM room bug in order to monitor room conversations. They can also be used for audio bugging in a vehicle such as a car, truck, boat, etc. Because a GSM bug can transmit like a cell phone bug, it can be anywhere a GSM cellular phone network exists.
Note: GSM Bugs like all listening devices require a test run before deploying

GSM bugs are very effective for audio surveillance and intelligence gathering when you need information and cannot wait in range of the broadcast vicinity. Our GSM bug is able to call your preset phone number anywhere in the world. Because the GSM bug has the ability for you to call and access its audio monitoring function, it is a global surveillance device, enabling you to access its function from anywhere in the world. All that is required is a SIM card and GSM cellular service.

Infinity transmitters

Infinity transmitters Work on the GSM mobile phone network giving you worldwide coverage. Simply dial the SIM card in the unit and listen to conversations and surrounding sounds with exceptional quality Unlimited listening distance – call from anywhere in the world. When certain network packages are used it is possible to use these devices at little or no cost, You will have to check these with your mobile phone supplier.

They are aptly named Infinity Transmitters becaus they can be dialled from anywhere in the world aslong as you have a mobile phone coverage, they also come ready built into items such as mobile phone chargers, 3 way plug adapters, radio alarm clocks and much more. These items plug into the mains meaning they never lose power and enable you to listen in to the devices surroundings at your leisure. Click HERE to see various Infinity Transmitters and Click Here for a video clip on Infinity Transmitters.

Infinity Transmitter inside a phone charger
Infinity Transmitter inside a phone charger









 Infinity Mains Adapter

Note this is a fully functional adapter and unlike inferior models can be used as such.
Simply dial the SIM card number inside the GSM Infinity Adapter (included) and at any time, wherever you are in the world it will automatically and silently connect transmitting any conversations and sounds over the GSM network from up to 30 feet away from the adapter. Sound is filtered for perfect audio clarity. To the naked eye this looks nothing more than a casual 2 way adapter but it secretly allows you to monitor everything in that room without sound distortion..
The intelligent GSM Bug operates on the GSM frequency 1800 and 1900MHz communications network for worldwide coverage. The GSM Infinity Adapter is a super high quality surveillance product that offers long term audio monitoring in an area of concern without arousing suspicion.
The Infinity Adapter is quad band and operates world wide .
Simply dial the provided SIM card and listen to conversations and surrounding sounds with exceptional quality
Unlimited listening distance – call from anywhere in the world
When used with a free minutes package (these can also be on PAYG)  this can be a cost effective way for long term monitoring.
Infinity Mains Adapter
Infinity Mains Adapter