Unit 6: Spotting a cheating Spouse

The Cheaters Guide

A loved one buying themselves a PAYG phone has been revealed as the No. 1 way to spot that they may be cheating. Love is in the air, but for many couples the black cloud of infidelity could rain on the amorous parade. Private Investigator Jorge Salgado-Reyes is a man who specialises in catching people “at it”, and claims that highly effective cheaters often display the following tell-tale cheating signs.

Many partners across the UK hide their guilty betrayals so well that many lovers just never catch on. A leading UK Private Investigations company is now helping people beat the players at their own game by revealing the top 7 signs of cheating.

The Cheaters Guide to not getting caught…cheaters_grainy

  1. Always use a Pay as You Go phone.
  2. Give your lover a fake, same gender name
  3. Never say you’re working late
  4. Get a close friend to provide regular alibis
  5. Try not to treat your partner differently
  6. Don’t change your appearance
  7. Finally, deny, deny, deny. Everything.

Croydon based Jorge Salgado-Reyes believes that it’s better to have loved and left than to never have found out at all, and encourages partners to never turn a blind eye to these common signs of cheating.

Speaking about the revelations, Jorge said,

“Many cheaters have taken to buying a Pay As You Go phone, seeing as they are becoming increasingly cheaper. Mobile phone records are now the #1 way that cheaters are caught out thanks to itemised billing. Cheaters can easily delete any naughty texts and their call records, covering any potential tracks entirely. If you find that your partner has a mobile phone that you did not know about, chances are they are hiding something from you. Or have turned to drug dealing.”originalSuspicious lovers are likely to go through phone contacts whether right or wrong, but are unlikely to pay much attention to somebody of their partners own gender, which is why many effective cheaters store their illicit lover’s numbers under a fake name of their own sex. Jorge offered the following:

“If a partner has a lot of contact with somebody that they have never mentioned, even if they are apparently of the same sex, it should not be a problem to ask who they are. As long as you are not too aggressive with your questioning, your partner should be happy to ease your worries. If they are not, alarm bells should start ringing.”

Partners often use the almost laughably tired phrase, “I’m working late.” Spouses who often use this should be under suspicion if no extra money is actually being earned. “If however, the money bought home is a bound wad of £50 notes, I would question any extra-professional activities your partner may be engaging in…” Jorge joked.

People who are being unfaithful generally tend to start treating their partners differently, either by overcompensating or turning off affection entirely. According to Jorge, “Any changes in affection, whether positive or negative could be a sign of dishonesty. Unless the cheater is a sociopath, he or she will treat their partner differently, it’s all a question of degree: some people have far more self-awareness and self-control – better actors, basically – and they’re the ones that are best at hiding affairs.”

The biggest mistake cheaters seem to make is to take more care of their appearance where as they previously may not have. When coupled with unusual behaviour, it could be time to talk to your other half.

Complete denial can often convince a partner that it’s “all in his or her mind”. Without concrete evidence and faced with a resolute denial, many partners ignore their head and listen to their heart.

“In my line of work, I’ve learned two things about infidelity. Firstly, I’ve seen the hurt and suffering experienced by the victims. Secondly, I’ve seen how difficult it is to hide an affair.”

And his real advice for cheaters?

“Don’t do it. It’s likely to destroy your relationship, cause lasting damage to your partner, and your kids if you have any, it will create resentment that’ll linger and you’ll be burdened by feelings of guilt; it’s just not worth it.

“Ask yourself “would I do this if I knew I’d be caught”. If the answer is no, don’t do it.

“Because, if you do cheat, and your partner hires me, you will be caught!”