Unit 5: Computer Monitoring

Computer Monitoring

There are various methods to monitor computer and web based activity, some are hardware and some software devices. Below are the main methods on the market today.

USB & SD card recovery software: whether they’re used in an Android smartphone, tablet or camera, SD Cards hold a large amount of important data, as do USB Drives. This includes videos, pictures, documents, audio and archive files. When you need to recover files that have been lost or deleted from an SD Card or USB Drive, the SD Card Recovery Pro is the ultimate tool to turn to. Simply mount your SD Card or USB drive onto your Windows PC, run the software and it will display all deleted data on your PC screen, in easily manageable tabs. Any data found by the software can be exported to your PC as a backup and for future use.


Windows Breaker:st-wbreak is a forensic tool designed to bypass the Windows account password. This has many uses such as when someone has purposely locked you out of a PC to prevent you gaining legitimate access. Windows Breaker can gain you entry to the PC allowing you to make any changes you wish to make. This is not a simple password recovery tool, this is a professional forensic tool that gives you access to any Windows account. Windows Breaker comes with a 10 user license that will allow you to bypass up to 10 Windows accounts on up to 10 different computers. Parents Don’t let your children lock you out of your computer. they will often create Windows accounts with strong passwords to keep their parents from seeing what they are up to on their computer. Spouses, Partners Do you suspect you are being cheated on , why not make sure with this device once you have by passed the password you are free to install products such spycobra, spector pro etc Investigators This is a tool that any investigator would find many uses for and will prove an essential tool in many investigations, again once the password has been bypassed you can install products. This Software is provided on flash drive ready for instant deployment Designed to be easy to use Designed to leave no trace after the computer has been rebooted.Please Note: You must be able to boot your computer from a USB drive in order for Windows Breaker to work. To do this may require alteration to the BIOS settings to achieve this (explained in the included instructions when purchased). The windows breaker can be purchased HERE

Spy Cobra Deluxe: Several additional features, such as setting the frequency of e-mails to be sent, setting keyword activation and adjusting the resolution of the screen shots to your needs. Setting up the device and operating it is very easy even if you are not computer literate. The only thing you are required to do is link your personal e-mail address and all the information will be sent via the hidden function. Functions: E-mail screenshot feature- If this option is checked, every screenshot will automatically be sent by email. Your chosen email address must be specified in the sending options.
Minimum screenshot number – Set the minimum number of screenshots you wish Spy Stick Deluxe to send, e.g. if you set it to 5, you will receive 5 screenshots in one email. E-mail text sent – If this option is checked, every captured piece of text will be sent to your specified email address at pre-set intervals. The period of time between emails is indicated in minutes.

  • Discreetly installs onto any Windows PC (not Mac compatible)
  • Super-fast installation takes around 15seconds
  • Monitors every keystroke
  • Takes screenshots at user set intervals
  • Detects phrases and sends screenshots via email
  • Allows you to set interval time of monitoring emails
  • Stamp email sending/monitoring with the date & time
  • Key word detection; when a key word is typed, a screen shot will be taken
  • Remembers all websites visited
  • Detects encrypted password keys Detects special characters and function keys
  • locally stored data is strongly encrypted with a unique key for each device
  • Future proof design
  • No specialist knowledge required for use
  • Can be used to monitor remotely via email or user can insert key to retrieve information manually and view the information later

The Spy Cobra Deluxe can be purchased HERE