Unit 2: Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking


Surveillance can be costly so trackers are a cheaper solution, when conducting surveillance you may find that the individual you are observing (The Subject) may be an aware target. An aware target is someone who is alert to the possibility of someone conducting surveillance on them. This can make a surveillance operative’s job a lot harder. Vehicle trackers are excellent in enabling the surveillance operative to monitor the activity of an aware target. This enables the operative to get an idea of the subject’s pattern of life.

Vehicle trackers are very easy to deploy and accurate down to 1 metre. They can be purchased online from between £35.00 up to £3000.

The most popular type is the live car tracker.

This type of tracker reports back in real time showing the trackers position on a moving map display as often as every 10 seconds. The tracker obtains its position by using the GPS system (Global Positioning System)  The GPS system uses 24 satellites travelling in 6 orbital paths around the Earth at a distance of 12,600 miles. These satellites transmit a low power signal The pattern of their orbit is calculated so that a GPS receiver on the earth’s surface is always ‘visible  to at least 4 of these satellites. From these 4 satellite transmissions your GPS Tracker can work out its location to within a few metres. This is the same system used by car sat nav systems and is extremely accurate.
The tracker then sends its position data back to a web server via GPRS or 3G on the mobile phone network to report its position this can be as often as every 10 seconds or if regular updates are not required much longer time spans can be selected. The web server also stores all of the positions in a history file enabling you to see all of the trackers movements even from many months ago, enabling you to just leave it on the vehicle without logging in from your PC or phone and still be able to see what journeys it has made at your leisure. The tracking panel can be viewed from any modern PC as long as it has a internet connection. There is also a facility that allows you to view the tracker in real time from a tablet or mobile phone



A tracker we use and recommend is the Eye 620 Tracker sold by www.eyetek.co.uk at a cost of £290.

The eye620 is without doubt the best tracker we have ever used giving a combination of small size, long battery life and durability .The unit is encased in a small purpose built waterproof, shockproof enclosure that is fitted with a pair of embedded magnets giving an incredible 70 kg of pull holding the tracker firmly in place when deployed under a car or van. With its small size it is extremely difficult to spot even when looking under the vehicle.

Superb web based tracking console with your own unique user ID.

From the console you can change the reporting frequency of the tracker from as little as 5 seconds , set a 360 degree virtual perimeter around an area known as a Geo-fence (when your tracker breaks this barrier either entering, exiting or both it will send you an SMS to your mobile phone notifying you) Not only can you view your tracker from our online console, you can also track the device from your mobile phone. Unique reporting feature giving you a detailed activity report of all the vehicles movements, showing times parked, locations and much more, great for giving to a client or using in evidence.
The eye620 works straight out of the box, switch it on and your up and running. No activation costs, no SIM card credit, no monthly subscriptions. You have the freedom to pay as you track. This is done by pre purchasing position credits so you really do pay as you. Approximately 6 weeks battery life dependent on usage and settings.
AGPS (assisted GPS) this allows the unit to obtain a GPS fix much quicker especially when switching on (cold start) even under the most adverse conditions
Works in most countries with no extra charges.
Battery life is given under optimum conditions and is based on 2hrs driving per day this may be reduced by many factors.
Battery Save
The battery save feature gives an extended battery life by switching the tracker off for predefined periods. This mode also evades electronic detection as the tracker is effectively switched off.
Battery save mode 1 position per day up to 18 months
Normal Live tracking mode 4 – 6 weeks  based on 2hrs driving per day
Battery life is given under optimum conditions this may be reduced by many factors. If you want a highly competent live tracker for a good price we recommend the eye620.

Click HERE to see a demo of video live tracking