Module 8: Dealing with minor injuries

Dealing with Minor injuries

Minor injuries are not life- threatening conditions; however, if they are left untreated they may lead to infection and other complications.

Contusions (Bruise)

A bruise is caused by damaged capillaries bleeding under the skin. A bruise will often be caused by a trauma to part of the body where the bruise appears, often caused by a blow or fall. It will often be visible, appearing as a blue/ purple/black colouration.


Treatment (RICE)

REST The area where the bruise occurs

Apply ICE (over a covering)

COMPRESS the area

ELEVATE If possible

Minor cuts

Minor cuts may hardly bleed at all. However, they can be painful for the casualty.



The top layer of the skin (Epidermis) is rubbed away and the nerve endings are exposed. Capillary bleeding may occur at the site of the graze and blood will ooze from the wound.



  • Look at the wound for any foreign embedded objects
  • Wear disposable gloves
  • Clean the affected area with a sterile cleansing wipe
  • If required, apply direct pressure to the wound
  • Apply a dry, sterile dressing to the wound