Module 6: Vulnerability Assessment

opening image module 6Threat assessment as discussed in the last chapter looks in detail at the outside environment in which an organization works. It is focused on the bad things that can happen to you which are considered to be part of the working environment and generally beyond your ability to control. Vulnerability assessment, on the other hand, looks inward at the organization itself. Its intent is to investigate weaknesses that make you or your staff more likely to be attacked, or more severely harmed if you are attacked.

objectives imageIn this module you will learn about:

  • The importance of vulnerability assessment in the SRM approach.
  • Key vulnerability factors to consider in your assessment such as:
  • – Location
  • –Exposure
  • – Value
  • – Interpersonal skills
  • – Adoption of, and compliance with, security measures
  • – Program impacts
  • – Organizational image
  • Benchmarking your own organization’s vulnerabilities against those of others in the same working environment