Module 2: Assessing an incident

Scene survey

Upon arrival at an incident a scene survey must be conducted to ensure the safety of the casualty, any bystanders and the first aider. The scene survey should be conducted by remembering the acronym CLAP.

C Control the situation

Stop, take a deep breath and take charge of people and vehicular traffic.

L Look for potential Hazards

Look for anything that could cause further harm to the casualty, bystanders or more importantly yourself within the immediate area.

A Assess the situation

Gather as much information about what has occurred from the casualty and from bystanders and try to make a diagnosis (history, signs and symptoms).

P Protect and prioritise

Ensure protection is worn (Gloves, and that casualties are prioritised (Breathing, bleeding, bones/burns and other conditions). Try to gain assistance from a bystander and contact the emergency services.