Module 10: Critical Incident Management

main imageEven the best threat and vulnerability assessment and the most thorough planning cannot eliminate the possibility of a serious security event occurring.

When it does, lives may depend on the actions that are taken in the first few moments. Prompt and appropriate response depends on preparations made beforehand. This module examines critical incident management as one specific aspect of risk management. It will focus on the support systems, sequence of events, and “tools” required for responding to a critical incident.

This modules goal is to increase your awareness of the steps to take before and during a crisis, and give you confidence in your understanding of the immediate steps to be taken afterwards

In this module you will learn about:

  • objectives imageThe relationship of critical incident management to contingency planning, and other security planning measures of the overall SRM approach.
  • The stages of a critical incident and the immediate response.
  • Some tools and methods for improving your immediate and short-term response to such incidents.
  • Reporting thresholds for different levels of security incident reporting.