Any organisation that processes, transmits or stores payment card data must comply with PCI DSS. Failure to comply will result in heavy fines, restrictions or permanent expulsion from payment card acceptance programme.

You have a very important role to play in achieving this compliance

This course describes PCI DSS and explains what you need to be aware of and act upon and covers the following topics

  1. What is PCI DSS?
  2. Why is PCI DSS Compliance important?
  3. Why payment card security?
  4. PCI DSS Definitions
  5. Three steps for Adhering to PCI DSS
  6. The 12 requirements of PCI DSS
  7. Card holder data
  8. How to become PCI Compliant
  9. Data Breaches
  10. Top Tips
  11. Final Assessment

The following video by Barclay Card gives 10 top tips on the processes you need to follow in order to comply with the mandatory requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Once you have viewed the video simply click the first topic below to get started. After each topic select the Mark Complete button to move to the next topic.