Laying the Foundation for employers

Study Academy partner with FTSE100 Homeserve PLC to build and launch the Homeserve Foundation







Apprenticeships and skills continue to be a significant part of the economic agenda. The government recently introduced new incentives for employers looking to employ an apprentice. The benefits to the economy of a thriving apprenticeships system are abundantly clear, and businesses recognise their role too. Recent research by the National Apprenticeship Service shows that over 95% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who hire an apprentice report benefits to their business.

Despite this, employers still face challenges in recruiting apprentices, with feedback being that the apprenticeship landscape is confusing and difficult to navigate. Homeserve PLC decided to tackle this head-on. Having worked with multiple employers and through delivering apprenticeships at their Nottingham based academy Homeserve are clearly experienced in understanding what is needed to make a difference.

Study Academy has been working with Homeserve for some time, delivering online learning, course development and apprenticeships to their workforce. When John Loveday the CEO & Founder of Study Academy was approached by Homeserve to support them with the design and development of the Homeserve Foundation, he jumped at the chance.

“The Homeserve Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that will provide a plethora of support tools and materials for employers looking to train and employ an apprentice. The Foundation seeks to bridge the gap between the benefits that SMEs derive from employing apprentices and the challenges they face in recruiting, training, and employing an apprentice. It is a project that is close to our heart, and we are excited to support the Homeserve Foundation with their goal of increasing the number of apprentices in the UK by 25,000 over the next 3 years.”
Says Loveday


The Foundation website is set to launch in late September 2020. The website will boast an apprenticeship qualification finder, training provider search tool, an apprenticeship cost calculator, and a members area giving free access to online courses and support materials.

“It has been a pleasure working with Study Academy who really understand the importance of good training. They have delivered a dynamic platform that includes all the essential information for employers in a user-friendly format in addition to offering many valuable development opportunities. Our partnership approach to tackling the skills shortage has already started to demonstrate benefits for the employer and the apprentice by partnering with Study Academy”
Says Helen Booth the Director of The Homeserve Foundation


You can register your interest to support the Foundation via their current landing page at and also view their state of the art Nottingham Academy via

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