Welcome to our “Whistleblowing Course,” your comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles of whistleblowing in the UK. This course explores various vital topics, including whistleblowing definitions, different types, legal protections for whistleblowers, diverse channels available for reporting, and the paramount importance of confidentiality. Through insightful modules, you will gain a deep understanding of the ethical and legal aspects surrounding whistleblowing. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the complexities of whistleblowing situations, ensuring ethical practices and safeguarding both individuals and organisations.

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Upon successful completion of the Whistleblowing Course, participants will:

• Grasp Whistleblowing Concepts: Understand the fundamental definition and significance of whistleblowing, considering its ethical and legal implications.
• Distinguish Whistleblowing Types: Identify various forms of whistleblowing, differentiating between internal and external reporting mechanisms.
• Understand Legal Protections: Familiarise themselves with the legal safeguards available to whistleblowers in the UK, ensuring awareness of their rights and protections.
• Navigate Reporting Channels: Gain practical knowledge of different reporting channels, both within and outside the organisation, and understand the appropriate procedures for reporting concerns.
• Recognise the Importance of Confidentiality: Acknowledge the critical role of confidentiality in whistleblowing cases and understand how to handle sensitive information responsibly.


CPD – Certificates are available to download immediately upon successful completion of the final quiz

Who is this course for?

Anyone working in a regulated sector or looking to secure employment in such a sector


Internet access and ability to read/speak the English Language

Career path

  • Financial Services
  • Banking
  • Compliance Risk
  • FCA Regulated


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