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The UK’s leading online Food Safety course. Trusted by organisations such as Krispy Kreme, West Midlands Safari Park, Amazon, The Ministry of Defence and many others. If you are a corporate organisation looking to qualify your team, email us for a bespoke quote today via

Businesses are embracing the power of eLearning and Study Academy provide some of the sharpest, most comprehensive and most precise courses on the internet to allow businesses or individuals to bring their knowledge in-line with the modern standard, also allowing them to comply to regulation. Study Academy’s UI and comprehensive, high-quality content combine to create a tactile, dynamic learning experience that is interactive and fun. It harnesses researched learning techniques to provide an industry leading course that is focussed, captivating and efficient in its teaching methods.

The course offers a deeper understanding of risks, hygiene and best practices in a catering, manufacturing or retail environment. A fun and interactive way to gain your Food Hygiene & Safety qualification, this course is a smart investment for employers in the industry, and anyone involved in handling food.  All training for this course & certificate is carried out through our interactive online learning platform. You may feel that you would benefit from our corporate subscription package for larger numbers of employees, if so please get in touch via

Food Hygiene and Safety

EU Regulation 852/2004 hygiene for food requires food businesses to make sure that any staff who handle food are supervised, instructed and trained in food hygiene appropriately for the level of the work that they carry out. Food hygiene is an extremely important area of business compliance as major food risks can not only have an effect on employees and consumers but on local environments and ecosystems too. Because of modernisation in the food industry, an extremely high standard is expected of businesses and employees and there’s a big responsibility placed on providing more than adequate training in areas of food safety and hygiene. Through e-learning platforms like our own at Study Academy, learners can approach this training at their own accord, completing an online course in their own time for which they receive a certificate if they pass. This is cheaper, more intuitive and more efficient than using classroom-based teaching methods that take longer to complete and are prone to disruption.

The course has been compiled by experts in the field and it’s been rigorously tested to ensure it is intuitive, comprehensive and rich in up-to-date information that is sure to further an existing understanding of food hygiene and its best practices. The information is relevant to many industries like in hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism and is aimed at anyone and everyone involved in working for food outlets, takeaways, cafes, bars, kitchens, hospital catering, schools, colleges, or those who are self-employed. The course builds a broad, fundamental understanding and also focusses on priority areas set out but the experts who helped develop it. It allows every catering business or anyone who handles food, regardless of their size or how well established they are, to provide high-quality training to their employees at a fraction of the cost of classroom-based training.

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