Diet & Nutrition for Children


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Diet, nutrition and fitness are three of the most important factors in childhood learning and development. Knowing how to balance food and exercise to the recommended guidelines can make a big difference. Furthermore, it promotes a healthier lifestyle, better mental health, and lowers the risk of future health problems. Our Level 3 Diet and Nutrition for Children course teaches the foundations of dietetics and physical health. As a result, you’ll know how to support the growth and development of children in your care.

Children require good nutrition because they’re growing, developing and are often very active. Therefore, it’s important to shape children’s attitudes towards food in early childhood. As without the proper nutrition, children risk developing disorders like rickets. That’s why our course studies the value of healthy food for kids.

Our Diet and Nutrition for Kids course covers all aspects of children’s dietary and health requirements. Each unit is designed to help you appreciate the weight of planning healthy meals, snacks and exercise. The course explores everything from micro and macro nutrients to how food affects a children’s mood. In addition, we’ll show the impact of malnutrition and you’ll learn to spot signs and symptoms of eating disorders.

The point is to give you the tools needed to successfully promote healthy lifestyle choices in children. If you’re looking to develop your nutritional knowledge to meet the national guidelines, you’re in the right place.


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