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In our comprehensive and university endorsed “Cyber Security” course, you will develop a profound understanding of the digital threats plaguing the modern world. By the course’s end, you’ll master the identification of common cyber-crimes, recognise cybercrime risks, and understand hackers’ motivations and techniques. Delve into the world of Malware, Trojans, and Ransomware, comprehending their intricate workings. Explore prevalent types of cyber-attacks, equipping yourself with the knowledge to thwart network attacks and social engineering attempts. This course is utilised by compliance teams across the globe including international banks, financial firms and FTSE 100 organisations.

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Our lives depend on online services. Gain essential cyber security knowledge and skills, to help protect your digital life. This online course will help you understand online security and protect your digital life, whether at home or work.

At the end of this course you should be able to:
• identify the common crimes that fall under the definition of cyber-crime
• recognise common cyber- crime risks
• identify different types of hackers and their motivation
• explain the nature of Malware, Trojans and Ransomware and how they work

Understand some of the more common forms of cyber-attack such as:
• denial of service (DOS) /distributed denial of service (DDOS)
• SQL injection attacks
• cross-site scripting (XSS)
• network attacks
• understand the nature of social engineering that enables confidential information to be divulged
• define and explain how phishing attacks take place and be able to identify those individuals who are most susceptible to attack
• ascertain risk mitigation features (best practice) and the red flags to be aware of with respect of phishing
• explain the nature of wireless attacks and the vulnerability of mobile phones and personal devices
• utilise various solutions and counter-measures to mitigate and prevent cyber- crimes occurring in respect of both individuals and businesses


This course is endorsed by a UK university and accredited by CPD UK


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